A beautiful Wedding at the luxurious five star Hotel Sa Torre and the spectacular fortress Cap Rocat | White Majorca Wedding Photography - Part 4

An amazing Wedding at the Venues Hotel Sa Torre and Cap Rocat

A beautiful Ceremony at the Hotel Sa Torre with an amazing celebration afterwards at the spectacular Hotel Cap Rocat

Nadine and Max’s wedding was a very special event for me.

On the one hand, their two locations, the luxurious five star Hotel Sa Torre and the spectacular fortress Cap Rocat, are hard to beat in terms of beauty, and on the other hand because Nadine and Max became very dear to my heart.

It was an unforgettable and very personal experience for me. We connected from the outset as soon as we had met and started to plan for their wedding day via Skype and during personal meetings, through the celebrations themselves, and our joyful feelings for each other afterwards filled me with bliss and gratitude for this wonderful couple.

In my experience engaged couples can have an overly optimistic idea of how a time schedule might work out on their wedding day, especially when there is a change of location during the proceedings. 

Nadine and Max completely trusted me, listening to and then applying the benefit of my experience of weddings and heeded my advice. And not only that, they were always very grateful for it.

During our bridal photoshoot at Cap Rocat the newly married Max said “I could not have imagined in advance how quickly time flies during a wedding!” 

They had both wanted beautiful pictures at very specific points of their wedding location. For example on the bridge in the fortress of Cap Rocat with the sea in the background. On the rocky beach itself, an in-flight perspective on the way to the sea or on the footbridge in front of the hotel entrance. And one thing is very clear: for these specific shots, you have to have a plan and stick to it.

To get your dream photos you have to remember that the best always takes time. If you want to have images such as the ones from Nadine’s and Max’s amazing wedding you have to take your time and allow for a timescale which will accommodate moving from place to place, setting up and preparing the shots whilst still maintaining a relaxed, loving and peaceful atmosphere.  

My advice to anyone is to make sure that you plan a little more time to be able to achieve this and afterwards, you will have wonderful memories of your day captured in great photos.

In this sense, I can only say about this wedding that it was a dream: the locations, the staff at both of the wedding locations, the generous time frame in which I was allowed to take pictures, the wonderful pastor Heike Stijohann, the gorgeous decoration, the great groomsmen, the gorgeous bridesmaids, the lovely family and friends and above all the beautiful nature of my bride and groom Nadine and Max.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, I am so happy we were able to make these beautiful images together. 


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