A colorful wedding under green trees in the middle of the countryside in Mallorca. | White Majorca Wedding Photography

A colourful family wedding at the rustic Finca Can Vich near Palma

The sweetes wedding Finca Can Vich in Palma de Mallorca

June, Majorca, 35 º C, blue sky & sunshine, a huge, rustic Spanish finca, surrounded by greenery and the most wonderful family in the world: that is what Kira and Stefan would enjoy on their big day.

Stefan had a little extra adventure: he spent the whole morning riding around on his Harley on the winding Majorcan mountain roads. And, of course, in the afternoon they both wanted to have some pictures taken with the chic machine.

At this wedding, we started a little earlier than usual, a bit before the bride and groom’s preparation – simply because it fitted better into the schedule and because this way we could also capture the joyful vitality of this hearty family from the beginning. All were involved in the decoration. Everyone had a task: it was all about pottering about, tinkering with this and that, laughing and rollicking. The anticipation joy was simply huge.

It was a wonderful day. Me and my team were treated as if we were part of the celebration. I especially liked the parents of both.

I’m still moved and when I start thinking of Stefan’s marriage promise, I still have to smile. It was unique!

Thank you very much to you both and your loved ones. I wish you an eternally happy and healthy life !!!


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