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A romantic wedding in the idyllic Port Verd del Mar in Majorca

Wedding Venue Finca Son Floriana & Port Verd del Mar

This year’s wedding season started with Shirin and Henning. And it could not have been more beautiful. First, we got to know each other through Skype, and I was curious about this beautiful young couple.

When I arrived at the Finca Son Floriana in Cala Bona, I wanted to go discreetly into the wonderful main house to look for them and greet them both because for a wedding photographer it is very important that I adapt to the mood and atmosphere of the location… so normally I start with a careful silent look and scan. 🙂

But Shrin and Henning greeted me halfway, smiling like a small reception committee. I was greatly touched by this and the chemistry was right.

While I took the first pictures of Henning, he immediately took out the box with the bridal rings and told me the little story about it with his super happy smile: “I made a great effort to find the perfect engagement ring. Then I made my proposal of marriage on a wonderful summer evening, I was very excited … We chose the wedding rings right after this evening because we were so happy 🙂 “

He also told me of the peculiarity that they were going to be married by a couple of pastors who have been good friends of the whole family for years and both would come from Germany to Majorca to marry them on their favourite island.

Shirin, was super nervous, like every bride, … and that´s also magic 😉

Henning’s anticipated joy simply cannot be described and as Shirin told us later, she loves the fact that his joy is so contagious.

I would even like to say if something describes both of them it would be joy, happiness and an authentic joy of life. It was so contagious that the next day, on my next wedding appointment, I was able to take this joy with me.

It was wonderful with you Shirin and Henning … please continue being so happy!!! We wish you only the best for your future together.


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