“Words are never enough when what has to be said overwhelms the soul” (Julio C.)

These words affect me and are probably the best way to describe how I came to photography – one of those moments where words were not enough was the birth of my daughter.

Since then I have been aiming to express through pictures that which cannot be expressed in words.

Originally from Germany, I have lived for many years in my adopted home, Majorca. My daughter is now 20 years old and while she is studying economics she also currently works as a photo-assistant.

I specialize in creative portraits, especially artistic staging and period sets, which is due to my interest in Philosophy which often provides inspiration for my creative shoots.

I am hugely passionate about my work which as a creative wedding photographer requires me to seek a modern, innovative and romantic images to achieve that special look. I am very happy to work closely with you to create your own experimental visions.