A Summer wedding at the hotel Castillo Son Vida | White Majorca Wedding Photography

A Summer wedding at the hotel Castillo Son Vida

A Summer wedding at the hotel Castillo Son Vida

The hotel Castillo Son Vida in Majorca is a great wedding location and a nice alternative for couples who want tobe confident thatthearrangementson theirwedding dayisin good hands. The staff of the hotel for the wedding management has more than 40 years of experience and accompanies their couples at their big events carefree through the day.

So it waswith Emily and Alan. Emily and her girls had their Getting Ready in their parent’sapartment in Son Vida and Alan and his boys moved into one of the hotel’s wedding suites.

The view from the hotel Castillo Son Vida over Palma andthe seaviewis simply breathtaking. Whether from the suites or the terraces.  It becomes especially beautiful in the evening at the blue hour with a view of the illuminated city on the horizon. The green area in the lower part of the hotel looks like a small tropical garden. In other words, there are photogenic scenes all around the hotel.It was wonderfully warm and emotional. The whole wedding party was just magical. Thanks for this wonderful day!


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