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Meant to be

Wedding venue: Privat Finca in Puerto Soller

Once upon a time, quite a while ago, a little English girl called Abby went on holiday with her parents to the town of Regina in Canada. Little Abby met a boy called Matthew. Abby and her family would often visit Canada and so she and Matthew became friends over time. However just as life will twist and turn so did this story, and as they grew up Abby and Matt lost contact with each other. Abby moved to live in Mallorca whilst Matt remained in Canada.

Then, just a year ago fate threw the old childhood friends back into contact with each other and cupid’s arrow flew straight into their hearts. They had a quick civil marriage in Canada and then the most beautiful, heartfelt and romantic wedding in Mallorca surrounded by their families and friends. They chose the stunning mountainous setting of Puerto Soller for their celebrations. It was an honour and a privilege for me to be asked to photograph their special day.


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