A Majorca wedding as it would be in the Toscana. | White Majorca Wedding Photography

A Mallorca that looks like Tuscany

Wedding Venue Finca Can Fanals near Alcudia

The wedding of Caro and Leo took place at the Finca Can Fanals near Alcudia. Mallorca is also called “the islands of the seven continents”. Surely it is because it offers a lot of variety with its landscapes and it is also a very memorable island because of its culture which was influenced by the Arabs, Romans and Catalans.

I must say that the Finca Can Fanals reminded me a lot of Tuscany. Caro and Leo were married in July, in the middle of the Mallorcan summer; normally a guarantee for sun on this beautiful Mediterranean island. But nevertheless it rained, at some moments it even poured.

But our lovely bridal couple Caro & Leo did not care, because happiness is on the inside and not outside. So bad weather did not erase their smiles or their joy.During the ceremony, it stopped raining, a gift for all who celebrated this moment of alliance and commitment.

It was beautiful. Our couple photo shoot was interrupted several times, but we never cancelled it, because they wanted their photos on their wedding day, no matter what happened and even if it took a little more effort.

Their heartfelt cheerfulness was genuine. I think the main emotion between both of them was tenderness. It was just amazing and as a wedding photographer, it was one more day of absolute emotional delight.

Professional wedding planner: Christina von Hunnius 


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