Natalie & Adrian during the sunset on the beach | White Majorca Wedding Photography

Natalie & Adrian during the sunset on the beach

Hold them tight from time to time ... that little unforgettable moments

Natalie & Adrian

… are my family. Natalie is my daughter. Since I myself have livedfor 25 years on the island of Majorca, of course she is born here, grew up and she studies at the University of Majorca. Majorca for usisn’t a holiday island, but our beloved home and most of all we love the sea.

As described on my homepage, I post only real weddings and not style shoots. The same goes for my photo shoots.

Style shoots are organized photo sessions with models and other providers such as hair & make up artists, stylists for the outfit or even florists or decorators. The goal is the perfect scenery for the perfect photo. Photographers want to show what they are able to do and how a photo can look like under perfect conditions.

I am often asked why I not do style shoots and I answer: because it is too foreign to me. I think a photographer shows his style much better in authentic photoshoots. I do not want to cling to an idea of how it should look to be perfect in my own view. Because it will be all about my couples big day or their love story, not about an artificial perfect photo.

Of course, I have a lot of tips ready for our photo shoots so that the pictures are as great as possible,but you should always be allowed to keep being yourself. As you see here  you don’t have to look like a model to get such pictures.

Well, Natalie is not a model,she and Adrian are a real happy couple formany years. And when I shoot the two, it’s always because they both wish meto do it. That means, the idea, the location, the outfit etc. is what they love to have in the pictures. And that’s why in any case it’s a real photo shoot. There are only two small differences to my clients. They appeara bit more often in front of my camera and it doesn’t cost money.

We had a great afternoon. It is a dream to bathe in the sea at sunset in Majorca.

In this session, I used the gorgeous evening light and a slight underexposure to “conceal” a little bit the imperfections of my „non-models“.

We love our photos very much.


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