Every bride and every bridal couple dreams of an unforgettable wedding and a unique wedding celebration. The bride has to be dressed and styled perfectly, the venue should have the most beautiful wedding decoration, the best music during the ceremony, the mean Head of Ceremony itself is of great importance and the wedding dinner should leave everyone happy. Above all, the question is: Where will the whole event take place? Makiko and Tim placed their wedding plans in the hands of Christina von Hunnius. She is the soul of Fairytale Weddings in Mallorca. As a wedding photographer, I am looking forward to every wedding with her, because everything is simply always fitting and the couples are always equally happy … and happy couples in a perfectly designed wedding also make for wonderful wedding photos. Well: Where did the whole thing take place? Makiko and Tim got married in one of the most stunning wedding locations that the island of Majorca has to offer: the Cap Rocat Hotel in Cala Blava. The Cap Rocat was originally a military fortress and is surprising even for Mallorquins with its incomparable architecture that immediately transports you to another world. And it is not just the luxury and the excellent service, the friendliness and the excellent food that this hotel offers … there is a kind of magic that surrounds this place. Perhaps it is due to its location directly on the sea, the colours and the ever-fresh breeze, perhaps because it’s the historical walls surrounding it, but perhaps just by its incomparable beauty which is revealed to us at every angle. Normally, we wedding photographers do not like to have to photograph too often in the same wedding location, this is not so where Cap Rocat is concerned. It seems to be inexhaustible inits variety and its beauty and I am always happy to be able to capture this as a wedding photographer with the happiness of my married couple forever.