A Family Photo shoot between wild olive trees | White Majorca Wedding Photography

A Family Photo shoot between wild olive trees

„Only the soul that loves is happy“


It touches my soul when I see and recognise the love between humans and most of all when I see this love in children.

In order to capture these moments, of course mum and dad have to be in front of the camera as well.

Christina and Michael only wanted to have photos of their sweet little girls, who are currently in such a beautiful phase in their lives and bring so much happiness to their parents.

When your children have grown up they too will be grateful to be able to look back on their childhood and the moment the mutual family love was captured on camera, preserved forever.

So for the sake of love you all have to appear in the pictures, and above all, have fun with your little ones during our photo shoot.


2 thoughts on “A Family Photo shoot between wild olive trees”

  1. Dear Diana, we love these photos so much! Yes… when I contacted you I told you that I just want a few photos of the girls and that Michael and I didn’t want to appear on the photos… But then you told us that we have to think in the girls and that they might like to see photos of us as family and so we couldn’t say no anymore. The shooting was really fun and while we were interacting and playing with the girls you took all these lovely and natural / unposed photos. We cannot thank you enough for your work! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Dear Christina, many thanks for your beautiful words! After all I´am touched by your joy about the pictures. It was a pleasure and an honour to spend that time with you. Thank you very much for being so sweet with your little ones. Beautiful pictures is what you get when everyone collaborates well in order to create good spirit around the camera. It feels like we’d only just shot yesterday. <3

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