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An amazing “sunny” wedding day with rain showers, at the stunning Hotel Cap Rocat

Sunshine or rain?

I think I’ll never forget Kirsty and Richard’s wedding. It was just really nice from the first contact with them. Kirsty’s joyfull and sunny heart is etched in my memory forever.

The organization was easygoing with these two. The same went for their wedding day: sunny-easy-flowing with a lot of love in the air. And even though the weather was not sunny on Mallorca that day, I think that it was actually my first proper bad weather wedding ever.

My philosophy for such unpredictability is always: Life has other plans and has something unique prepared for all of us. So I instantly prepare myself for what life is going to do with us. I always trust that it wants the best and I focus my energy and my curiosity with enthusiasm on what is coming and I always allow this “new” to inspire me.

A blessing for me

And so Kirsty and Richard were my bridal couple, which I do not just want to call a gift, but they were a blessing for all the team.

Because: The bad weather was hardly mentioned, only in moments in which the organization had to be rescheduled in terms of ceremony and dinner.

And not only that, Kirsty smiled all day long – how wonderful for me as a wedding photographer. Often brides are nervous and stressed even if the weather is nice. So I often have to wait longer for special moments to press the shutter button. But not with Kirsty. She enchanted us all. Because one of our biggest limitations as wedding photographers are sad brides. No photographer, not even the best photographer in the world can improve something photographically if this happens.

The Cap Rocat Staff

Furthermore, I was impressed with one of my favorite wedding locations, the Hotel Cap Rocat that even with such atypical weather for Mallorca is still so stunningly photogenic. As well, the entire service staff was incredibly professional and, despite the rain, they worked without stress and tension simply executing Plan B. A big thank you also to Ars-Festum, who actively supports the Cap-Rocat team in wedding planning and supervising the day.

Kirsty said in a social media post that she’s had the best day on her wedding day. And all who were there felt this as well.

Weather guarantee for Majorca

Here and there colleagues recommend me, not to blog on my website bad weather weddings from Mallorca. That would not “sell” because customers don´t want see that. They want blue sky and sun.

But, to be honest: The good weather guarantee in Majorca is indeed much higher in percentage terms than in northern climes, but there is never a 100% guarantee. And so I like to show that I am not scared of clouds and rain and always searching the individual beauty in everything and I have always found it so far.

Thank you!

My big thanks to you, Kirsty and Richard! You were wonderful. Just like your whole family and your friends. The party was awesome. The dance floor was continuously full as I have rarely experienced.

And one detail I have to confess: I’m in love with your little nephew Kirsty! What a sweet heart child. His smile is so disarming and you have the feeling of melting away.

Our memory of your big day is just wonderful. We wish you the best of this world.

This artists made this wedding day unforgettable:


Hair & Make up artist Sophie Fleur

Hair Artist Victoria Vogel (The brides sister 😀 )

Stunnnig groom´s outfit by Neil Mccann

Spectacularly beautiful bridal dress by  PRONOVIAS

Amazing Bridesmaids outfit by (pending)

Bridal jewellery by (pending)

Bridal bouquet & flower decoration by Ars Festum

Illumination Dinner by Ars Festum

Schedule supervisor on the wedding day supported by Ars Festum

Photobooth: The Selfiebox

Film&Video by Pure Love

and least one of the most impressive Partybands we ever met. My photo assistent said: OMG … the bandsinger sings better then Bruno Mars. Imported from the UK: The Sensation Band

Our Team says:



3 thoughts on “An amazing “sunny” wedding day with rain showers, at the stunning Hotel Cap Rocat”

  1. Diana you made our wedding photos 10 years ago and we still love to look at them as they are so beautiful and you have the talent to catch the very special moments.! What a surprise to see that you even improved looking at your current photos! Go on and make the special day even more beautiful!

  2. Every single one of those wedding pictures has been shot with the love of an artist. It’s incredible how Diana can make a work of art out of every single moment. A happy bride + happy groom = a happy wedding day

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