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A couple photo shoot with a big surprise

What an amazing surprise

A young couple from Singapore set their hearts on a photo shoot surrounded by the typical and authentic Mallorca. 

Ideally, it should be a rustic, ancient village. No way did they want a beach and the sea as a backdrop, because they had more than enough of that  at home in Singapore.

This  would fit wonderfully as the two longtime-lovers were to spend their holidays in Mallorca with their family in Artá. Artá is a beautiful, Mallorcan village in the northeast of the largest Balearic island and was just perfect for what the two imagined.

As you can see in the photo spread, Christian surprised his sweetheart during the photo session with a marriage proposal. We had previously secretly agreed where and when it should take place and also agreed on a secret sign. Everything went very well and both the couple and I are overjoyed with the great pictures.

It is absolutely worthwhile to capture such an emotional experience with professional photos. You can camouflage it as a photo shoot 🙂


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