A Lovestory photo shoot in the Style looking like film. | White Majorca Wedding Photography

Two fun seekers in love at the fun fair in Majorca

Photo Shoot Venue: Palma de mallorca

This time I would like to introduce you to a slightly different, unconventional photo session. The couples I take photos of on Majorca have usually been together for a while when they ask me to create a photo album of their love story.

Delia and Juan were newly in love when I met them. They only celebrated their first two weeks together and were so excited to capture their love for life and for each other no matter what the future might hold for them, based on the motto “Carpe Diem“. No doubt that a special dynamic photo style was needed to express all the love and happiness.

I rubbed my hands in glee and suggested the Majorcan annual fair as venue for the photos. As there were numerous lights and colours expecting us, we opted for an exclusive Petzval photo shoot. I was confident that the couple’s wish for a creative, distinctive style will be fulfilled by the Petzval lens. Due to the unusual, fancy analogue film look it creates, I call this lens my favourite. If you would like to find out more about the Petzval, please feel free to visit my blog: <a href=”https://www.white-majorca.com/the-nostalgia-of-film/”>The  beautiful nostalgia  of  film</a>

It truly was challenging to work with this classical lens at a bright, loud and sparkling fun fair but it was worth the effort.


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