A lovestory photo shoot with a beautiful blond horse in Majorca | White Majorca Wedding Photography

Dream photos with a Palomino horse on the most beautiful island in the world

In the middle of the island Majorca

For a couple of years, Marta and Jacobo have dreamt of a romantic couple shoot with one of their beautiful horses. They live on a very small finca in the middle of Consell on Mallorca, which reminds me somehow of Australian movies: in the middle of the wilderness, simple, natural and totally idyllic.

Jacobo is an experienced horse trainer of the French school, although he is Spanish. The Spanish horse training method seemed too strict for him, sometimes too brutal and not animal friendly, he was convinced that there must be a better way. So he adopted the dressage method from his French colleagues and brought fantastic show horses to the stage.

He loves these animals and has a proud Palomino and an amazing white Arab.

For our photo shoot, we chose “the blond” … he just fits so perfectly into the yellow wild fields where we planned our romantic Sunday picnic couple session.

We are all blown away by result of the pictures. You too?


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