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The beautiful nostalgia of film … I just love it

At the Almond Blossom Time in Majorca

My time, when I started with photography, goes back to the analogue era and I´m still in love with the look of film. At the moment it’s quite trendy … what luck for me 🙂

Recently, a long forgotten Russian lens manufacturer from 1840 has reported back to the present with its famous Petzval lenses.

Petzval revived its almost 200-year-old lenses with the only difference that they now fit onto a modern digital camera.

The camera does not recognize the lens, all settings must be made completely mechanically. This is why everything is much slower, which makes photography of spontaneous or moving subjects very difficult, if not impossible, for many photographers. At least if one expects the very sharp digital quality.

According to the digital standard, you cannot put these pictures technically under the magnifying glass. Just like in the past, the lens only focuses exactly in the middle of the photo, whether or not that is really sharp. It’s never really sharp. But that’s exactly what makes this lens look so special. This dingy old washy analogue image look and the light bubbles, which swirl around the image centre in the blurred background, have their own magic.

I love my Petzval and I often make an exclusive Petzval session on my single photo shoots (one person). Just like the pictures you can see here from Laura. This is not about seeing the face perfectly in the pictures … but rather letting yourself be immortalized with some magic in a little story.

If you find this as enchanting as I do, you can ask directly for a pure Petzval photo shoot here on the island Majorca, the price does not change thereby.


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