“I see the things you don’t” … and capture it as an everlasting memory. During the documentary of your wedding, I am always on the lookout for the most precious moments, even those that surprise you because they took place while your back was turned, to give you “new moments” and impressions from your big day.
The anticipation, loving looks, bright eyes, gentle and loving touches, joyful tears, children in action, embraces, the joy of the guests and countless other magical moments captivate and inspire me.
A lively and authentic wedding reporter should cover the entire day. This will give you memories which will only exist in your photos. Your heart only remembers the emotionally prominent moments, there are many things which you never noticed in the first place, or which slipped your mind. This is the reason why I as a wedding photographer only accept bookings of 7 hours or more and I prefer to accompany you the whole day. Remember, every image is worth its weight in gold in the distant future, considering that some of your loved ones may not be among us any more in a few years. Only very many years later will you appreciate the true value of your unforgettable wedding pictures.