This shoot is popular in America and England, but it also has fans in the rest of Europe. It is a private bridal shooting which takes place during the days following the wedding. Unlike wedding photos, it can be scheduled to take advantage of the most beautiful light of the day. And how you can see, even when the skies are cloudy in Majorca the light is still beautiful, just mystic. In your own time we can visit several of the most amazing locations in Majorca, perhaps using our images to tell a short love story. Our couples have often ended up, fully attired, in the sea. In the industry we call this part ” Trashing the dress” Many customers book their actual wedding in their own country and come to Majorca for their unique After Wedding Shooting . Do it all again with great make-up. Jump into the clothes again and bring back to life the experience of the eternal promise against breathtaking landscapes with unforgettable images.