Ariany is located near the centre of Majorca. The trip there is reminiscent of a dream: fruitful fields, shadowy copses and ancient olive trees surround this romantic little town. Driving into town, the beautiful church in the neogothic style catches the eye immediately. On the majestic Pig de sa Cobetera it sits imposingly above the beautiful surrounding landscape. In this lovely place Claudia and Marcus said “I do” under the Majorcan sun.

The entire family took leave to attend this joyous occasion. They spent their holiday at the beautiful Finca Ses Oliveres, a very sought-after location for romantic events. Everything was perfect on the day of the wedding. During the preparations for the wedding, the calm atmosphere was suffused with happy anticipation. The ceremony in the church Nuestra Señora d’Atocha was especially heartwarming. The photoshoot with the bridal couple at the end was a marvelous conclusion of the day.

I take great joy as a wedding photographer to be privy to such happy moments. I am especially happy when I get to fall in love with “my” couple a little, as I did on this occasion. Dear Claudia, dear Markus: thank you for your confidence in me! I wish you so much love and happiness on your path together.