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A special After Wedding photo shoot at the “Gardens of Alfabia”

Our photo shoot location Alfabia at the tunnel to soller

Soon it will be 24 years that Icall Majorcamy home. I love this incredibly beautiful island and feel welcome andat home here. I often feel that the first half of my life belongs to someone else. Whatis it that makes  you never want leave this islandagain? Many of my bridal couples and many colleagues inthe industry feel the same. And I dare say that although it appears to be much too loud in afew placesit is a very special magic that surrounds this island of calm. All Majorca lovers know that the real Majorca is to be found far from the busytourist areas.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a particularly beautiful place that has captured my heart. As long as I can remember, this place was exclusively a pure open-air museum, but now it has opened its doors to all nature-loving bridal couples.

“Los jardines de Alfabia” arenot only beautiful gardens, but also an impressive and historical possession, whichin Spain are thecountry estates with their imposing grand manor houses ofa certain size.

One of the things that I love about Majorca is its rich history. To be able to see these estates is like being in a small, always recurring, journey through time. And I must say the gardens of Alfabia have their own charm. They aregreen in all seasons. You feel like you are in a tropical oasis. Exotic tree trunks intertwine with palm trees, pines andgarballons. Shadows are reflected in a romantic water lily pond.

Originally Arabianin style, the mansion is a jewel which over the centuries was also under Gothic influence and the Renaissance baroque.

I almost could not believe that this idyllic place opens its doors for every imaginable dream wedding on our beautiful island. Dear bridal couple, look at the gardens of Alfabia and book me as your photographer 😉 🙂 … because I would love to photograph a wedding story very soon there 🙂

Of courseit did not take much forus to knock on the door and requestthe possibility to make an after wedding photoshoot. We accompanied Julia and Janice tocelebrate  their love in this great location. The light was just magical. I can understand why there are always painters who want to capture this beauty with their colours and brushes.

Of course, the two were excited not only by the photos, but by the whole experience. They thanked us several times by e-mail for this extraordinary excursion, asthey called it.

Although I cannot show any wedding photos ofthis fairy-tale place, I think with our pictures of Julia and Janice you can get a rough idea ofhow unforgettable your wedding will be there.


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