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A magic photo shoot with a white horse on a Majorcan beach

Photo Shoot at the beach

Simone loves animals. And especially horses, as from today. Her love of animals includes loving them just as they are. She learned this with her own dog. “Georgie” is not a very beautiful breed and besides he has ADHD syndrome … well she loves him just as he is, she would not want him any other way.

The woman with the fire-red hair requested a portrait photo shoot and in my head I pictured her immediately with a white horse on the beach.

Trato, a proud and elegant horse is a mixture of Arab and Andalusian.

I was very happy that Simone was just as enthusiastic about the idea as I was, as well as the horse trainer Jacobo who was looking forward to this photo session.

So we went together to take pictures on one of the most beautiful beaches of Majorca in the north of this wonderful island.

These pictures are a gift of life for me, they just have everything in tune. And although of course, beautiful pictures are the reason for a photo shoot , these images are so magical… they suddenly became an indescribably beautiful memory of a fantastic afternoon at the beach.

Thanks Trato, thank you Jacobo, thank you Simone – thanks to you “Bella Mallorca” for the experience.


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