Wedding in Majorca | White Majorca Wedding Photography

A beautiful blend of continents.

It is said that your wedding should reflect your and your beloved’s personalities: this lovely wedding really encapsulated a beautiful union between two countries in a simple and romantic way.

Laura from Germany and David from North America chose to marry in Mallorca to bring their two families together and tied the knot under a perfect sky at the wonderful Finca Duvai. Their wedding suited them perfectly: easy, cool, natural and relaxed.

The open air bilingual ceremony was intimate and emotional with the couple giving their vows simply. Afterwards during our “couple shoot” it was very special to be with them and bask in their love and feelings for each other. As David’s family are photographers it was wonderful for us to share our enthusiasm and passion for our art with others similarly hooked!

It was a great privilege to spend this extraordinary day with this beautiful couple. Thank you Laura and David: blessings to you and your future happiness together.


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